Pressing Issues

  • We give BILLIONS and our charities make an IMPACT

    April 23. 2018

    When we think of nonprofits in Alabama, we think of organizations that truly touch people’s lives. As many Alabamians already know, nonprofits are more than an IRS category — it is a sector driven by purpose and a desire to pursue the greater good. In leading the Alabama Association of Non-profits, I spend my days […] Read More

  • Is There a Difference Between Serving and Volunteering?

    January 15. 2016

    Is there a difference between serving and volunteering? I was asked recently to help with the Habitat for Humanity’s Annual meeting. It is a great event that brings together Habitat groups from all over the state to hear from experts, spend time sharing ideas and recognizing the work of staff and volunteers. I was excited […] Read More