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Advocacy equals voice. Voice equals power. Power equals change and change equals money. Engaging in public policy movements and lobbying efforts can build the capacity, effectiveness and impact of Alabama’s nonprofit sector. Nonprofits of all sizes and types represent more than $12 billion in annual economic revenue, employ 127,000 Alabamians and pay more than $9 billion annually in wages. As the only organization solely committed to representing the nonprofit sector’s voice in our local communities and in the halls of Montgomery and Washington, D.C., the Alabama Association of Nonprofits is committed to carrying your message to the decision makers who rely on our services. Take a few minutes to listen to what they are saying about our sector – and listen to what they believe nonprofits should be doing to make our voice even stronger. As National Council of Nonprofits’ President and CEO Tim Delaney says, “Together, We Can!” 


Anne Diaz

Bill Hawkins

James Dupree

Jill Chenoweth

Jon Mason

Nelson Brooke

Sue McInnish

Teri Henley