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                          Online Development Training

                    Presented by The NOT FOR PROFIT GROUP in partnership with

                                     the Alabama  Association of Nonprofits


This training will provide you with:


·     PROVEN STRATEGIES  to build and grow your donor base
·     The ESSENTIAL TOOLS  to manage and optimize your existing donor base
·     STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE  on working with referral sources to develop new donors
·     CUSTOMIZED EVALUATION TOOLS  to assess comprehension  and skill development



- NO travel expenses.

- Work at your own pace

from the convenience

of your home or office.


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The program is accessible to subscribers, 24/7 via the internet for $55 per month.  See below for AAN Member discount. It is the most cost effective way to learn the most powerful processes and skills needed to meet your highest fundraising goals. start now

Using the Not for Profit Group's development process, we are achieving new levels of success in fundraising"Kelli Seely, United Service Organization (USO) Chief Development Office


Developing Donors is tough work, especially if you don't have the right tools. Now You Will. start now


Program Overview:


Course 1: Building the Foundation for Success

This course will provide you with the tools for building a sustainable development process that endures changing economic cycles.  You’ll learn the Three Core Elements of a productive fundraising process designed to build long-term, sustainable relationships with your donor base.


Course 2: Identifying the Right Opportunities

This course focuses on the first step within the framework of building a sustainable development process.  It will show you how to build a process for identifying the most valuable sources of leads for your organization.


Course 3: Building a Market Plan

This course will teach you how to build a highly effective market plan, allowing you to efficiently address different sources of opportunities. 


Course 4: Building a Relationship Development Plan

This course outlines a powerful approach to building long-term relationships with donors. You will learn about the three key ingredients for developing long lasting, beneficial relationships, and how to connect to the heartstrings of your support base.


Course 5: Executing the Plan

In this course you will develop effective face- to- face selling strategies for building strong relationships with your donors. You will learn the processes and skills needed for face-to-face development calls as well as strategies for securing appointments with new and existing donors.  You'll also learn valuable tactics for handling common objections faced in gaining commitments from donors.


Course 6: Putting it All Together

This course will demonstrate a face-to-face call using the needs-based call process, from Opening the Call, to Asking for Commitment. As the role play progresses, You will be asked to identify all of the phases of a face to face development call as they are happening.  You will also learn how to apply the role-play to real life situations. 


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