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We give BILLIONS and our charities make an IMPACT

April 23. 2018

When we think of nonprofits in Alabama, we think of organizations that truly touch people’s lives. As many Alabamians already know, nonprofits are more than an IRS category — it is a sector driven by purpose and a desire to pursue the greater good. In leading the Alabama Association of Non-profits, I spend my days working with non- profit leaders through- out the state and have the opportunity to see firsthand the results of our collective missions. The social impact we have on people and communities is unmatched, but the economic impact is just as important. Alabama’s nonprofits generate more than $13.5 billion in annual revenue, employ 80,000 individuals and are driven by 114 million hours of volunteer service each year. Alabamians donate over $3 billion to charities, which makes us the fourth-most generous state in the country. Our nonprofits are economic developers, human services providers, community builders and advocates for change.

Here area few key statistics about the nonprofit sector in Alabama:

Alabama has 12,264 501c(3) organizations
Alabama nonprofits employ over 5 percent of Alabama’s workforce
Alabama nonprofits hold assets of nearly $40 billion
Alabama has 1,062 private and public foundations
Alabama foundations grant over $190 million annually

Nonprofit executives, employees, volunteers, and donors represent the very best Alabama has to offer, and give selflessly of their time, talent, energy, and resources to achieve one common goal
to strengthen our communities by taking care of those in need.

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