AI Assistance

If your organization has limited staff, any outside assistance helps you work smarter. At our recent grant training session, one participant wondered if others had used artificial intelligence, or AI, with their grant proposals. No one else had.

Christina Dykes is the founder and CEO of Genius MAP as well as the Operations / Outreach Manager for Central Six Alabama Works! She has used to help expand her words and ideas about Genius MAP’s mission and outcomes. She has used it for both grants and marketing. Christina said it is a great tool “for a one-person shop or for larger organizations who want to rebrand.”

One example of the content that was created by AI is featured on the Genius MAP website. After entering content and words that describe her organization, Copysmith AI processed it and gave her the phrase, “unlocking genius, one student at a time.” She couldn’t be more pleased with the tagline, and she will be using the online tool again.

A free, one week trial is offered on so you can see if this tool is helpful for your organization before signing up for a monthly subscription.