Public Awareness

  • Engaging in Lobbying & Political Activity

    In promoting public participation in community affairs, charitable nonprofits must be diligent in assuring they do not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.
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  • Advancing Mission Through Public Policy & Advocacy

    • Nonprofits should have a written, board-approved policy on advocacy defining the process by which the organization determines positions on specific issues.
    • Working independently and in partnership, nonprofits should strive to influence public policies that affect the organization’s ability to achieve its mission.
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  • Educating and Engaging the Public

    • Information about the organization’s mission, program activities, finances, board members, and staff should be easily accessible, accurate, and timely (i.e., updated at least annually).
    • Nonprofits should provide a meaningful opportunity for the public to communicate with a representative of the organization.
    • Nonprofits should assure that any educational or advocacy information provided to the media and policy-makers, or distributed broadly, is factually accurate and provides sufficient contextual information to be understood.
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