Effective Board Governance

Bridgespan notes, “The first step is to understand the gap between where the board is now and where it wants to be.” While this sounds simple, it is not necessarily easy. It helps to first understand what an effective board does and then decide how to become more effective.

Bridgespan reviewed the literature focused on nonprofit governance and interviewed nonprofit experts before sharing some guidance in their article, “Becoming A More Effective Nonprofit Board.” AAN highly recommends it as a resource. After that, we would enjoy seeing you at a discussion roundtable or Standards for Excellence® training to discuss the topic further.

In January, AAN will first host a CEO Roundtable to discuss the roles of the Board and the CEO. It is for CEO’s/ED’s of organizations with an annual budget of $500,000 or less. Later in January, we will offer “The Nonprofit Board: Roles and Expectations” to look more closely at the board’s responsibilities. In March, we will offer, “The CEO and Support Staff: Roles, Expectations & Diversity” which will focus on the organization’s staff. These Standards for Excellence® training sessions are open to all, no matter your nonprofit’s budget. Visit our training schedule for more details and register today.