Fall Nonprofit Advocacy

Nonprofits have helped provide pandemic relief and the economy recover. There is still much work to be done. If you would like to encourage Congress and the Biden Administration to help nonprofits financially, please read this letter and take action by signing on.

The letter sent by the National Council of Nonprofits in July focused on nonprofit jobs and resources. It recommends Congress and the Biden Administration include these key points in any future COVID-relief legislation:

  1. Provide financial relief that is available to all nonprofits.
  2. Strengthen charitable giving incentives.
  3. Hold nonprofits harmless for unemployment claims during the pandemic.
  4. Provide additional support to state and local governments.


There is still time to participate, and you can sign on HERE. This letter also gives you talking points when you’re in conversation with congressional leaders. The more nonprofit leaders remain focused on core issues, and the more we educate our leaders, the better it will be for nonprofits across Alabama and the country. We hope you will use your voice today.