Major Gifts Fundraising

In recent years, there have been fewer donors year-over-year, but the size of their gifts has become larger. For 2018, giving increased about 1.5% but the number of general donors decreased by 4.4%. Don't miss these important and generous donors!

More gifts come from major donors. While nonprofits love the vibrant feel of an event, the structure of a grant application, or the easy rhythm of an annual appeal, asking individuals for major gifts provides your organization with more bang for your buck. Your organization will spend less time and raise more needed funds.

To create a solid fundraising strategy for your organization, take a look at how much time (human resources) and money (financial resources) are directed to your current fundraising activities. Evaluate the opportunity associated with donors making larger gifts. If it takes less time and money to ask for major gifts, and your organization is not taking advantage of the trend in larger giving, major gifts should become an important part of your fundraising strategy.

What is a major gift? It depends on the organization. For some a major gift is $500, for some it is $5,000, and for others it is $50,000 and above.

Does it sound daunting? Without training and practice, it can be. Reach out to AAN with your questions and either join us or send your staff and volunteers to our upcoming Major Gifts training session. Your staff, your board, and your bottom line will thank you. Contact Carla at or (205) 726-4712 with any questions.