Pressing Issues


December 21. 2015

In order to be eligible for partnering with an AAN intern, nonprofit organizations must:

  • Be a member of the Alabama Association of Nonprofits
  • Give interns access to all organizational information, staff, and volunteers necessary for completing the Standards for Excellence application.
  • Provide intern access to a computer and a workspace when they are onsite.
  • Allow AAN to use all documents for educational purposes provided that any identifiable information is redacted.
  • Assign a staff liaison who will be actively involved and accessible to the intern during their time on site.
  • Be Flexible***
  • Retain Board Support for applying for the Standards for Excellence Seal in the form of a Board vote.

If you think your organization should participate in the Nonprofit Excellence Intern Program, then email AAN’s Program Coordinator, Kelsie Overton at

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