Standards for Excellence ®

Why should a nonprofit go through all the work to earn the Standards for Excellence (SFX) Seal?

Just going through the process of completing the SFX self-assessment will be an eye-opening experience. It is a fantastic exercise that will evaluate the entire organization.

The application process will walk you through every aspect of your organizations operations and give you the opportunity to update areas that need improvement. The final application and independent third-party review of your organization's policies, procedures, and practices will give you confidence that your organization is committing the needed resources to your leadership, capacity, and infrastructure.

Some of the biggest benefits of Accreditation and Recognition are:

  • Strengthen the leadership
  • Engage the board of directors
  • Create clarity about the organizations purpose
  • Prepare for transitions
  • Improve decision-making
  • Minimize risk
  • Strengthen evaluation
  • Facilitate fundraising and resource development

How to apply for the SFX Seal

We have all heard the saying about eating the elephant one bite at a time, and it could never be more applicable than in the case of the Standards for Excellence Seal. Over the past several years, many nonprofits in Alabama have earned the accreditation and we have partnered with them to create a Road Map to the Seal.

  1. Join Alabama Association of Nonprofits.
    We provide great education, tools and resources to help you.
  2. Attend the 2-day SFX Workshop
  3. Complete the SFX Organizational Assessment
  4. Gather the documentation listed in each benchmark
  5. Write descriptions and narratives listed in each benchmark
  6. Complete the SFX Application
  7. Optional – Submit completed SFX Application to Alabama Association of Nonprofits' Standards Expert for review and recommendations.
  8. Submit SFX Application to the Standards For Nonprofit Excellence Institute.