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Six Essential Steps to Securing Major Gifts (online)

Six Essential Steps to Securing Major Gifts (online)

Thursday, May 16, 2024
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CDT)

Event Details

Six Essential Steps to Securing Major Gifts: Turn Nervousness into Know-How

In order to make an impact in your community or the lives of others, you need to attract the support of major donors --- despite little to no experience with major gift fundraising. Now more than ever, a fundraising plan is essential and securing large gifts is essential . . . and must be a part of your plan. No doubt, major gift fundraising Is the single most effective way to fundraise for your organization. Join us as we cover the step by steps of major gift fundraising. 


You will learn:

  • The six essential steps to securing major gifts
  • How to identify major donors
  • How to cultivate major donors
  • The single best phrase to use when asking for money
  • How to attract the support of major donors

About the Speaker:

Nancy Rieves is a fundraising coach and the creator of Fundraising Maximized® - Your Ultimate Guide to Major Gift Fundraising.

Nancy did not plan to be a fundraiser. She fell into it possibly like many of you! The president of the college where she was teaching asked her to consider the position overseeing the college foundation. With much back-and-forth conversation and great hesitancy, she finally said Yes. You see --- she did not like asking people for money, not even for her daughter’s girl scout cookie sales! 

She knew little about fundraising. But she began to learn about nonprofit work and fundraising. And like many of you, she learned fast on the job. She quickly learned that fundraising was NOT about her . . .  it was about being a conduit for those with the capacity and passion to make a difference and those in need.

This understanding was the breakthrough for her. And with this mindset shift, her fundraising world began to change. Years later, she had the opportunity to launch a NEW foundation. She built a team that raised over $16 million for the organization she helped establish and run for 10 years.

She attributes the success to their emphasis on meaningful relationships, large gifts, and helping others make a difference. To wrap up, she completed her doctorate studies, focusing her work on analyzing fundraising activities. Her biggest discovery from her research was that too many nonprofits focus on SMALL revenue-generating activities and never capitalize on building relationships from individuals and sponsors supporting events.

Her research and her passion to help nonprofit leaders is what drives her to teach fundraisers how to raise money through large gift fundraising.

For More Information:

Deidre Clark (she/her/hers)
Deidre Clark (she/her/hers)
Director, Membership and Community Engagement Alabama Association of Nonprofits (205)899-1276