Why Join AAN?

The Alabama Association of Nonprofits is a community that values your contributions and actively works to elevate your professional development and your organization’s success.

Benefit from tailored resources, impactful networking, and a platform to showcase your expertise, all while actively shaping the future of the nonprofit sector in Alabama

AAN advances your career and your organization. Through professional development, leadership training, networking, advocacy, and information sharing, we help you achieve greater success. Alabama needs nonprofits for vital services and an improved quality of life. Become a partner so we can make life even better for our fellow Alabamians—together. Join today!

Top 10 Reasons to Join AAN

1. Grow Your Professional Development. 

By attending our trainings or leadership institute—with a focus on essential topics such as fundraising, marketing, advocacy, governance, leadership, partnerships, managing your staff and volunteers, building your board, and information technology—you will expand your professional skill set and improve your organization’s outcomes.

2. Deepen Mission Impact.

With the added skills and tools we provide, you will lead more effectively, achieve more of your organization’s mission, and better measure your nonprofit’s effectiveness. 

3. Access to Professionals.

With an x-year history of reaching nonprofit professionals, the AAN Job Board is the most utilized tool in the state when searching for human capital or your next career move.

4. Network With Your Peers. 

Share ideas, exchange solutions,  build a support team, and showcase your expertise through our network.

5. Grow Resources.

Get information on funding opportunities, gain credibility with funders, and learn how to better diversify your income. List us as a partner on your next grant application.

6. Increase Organizational Learning.

Hear about news and trends that matter to you. Leverage communications about your nonprofit through AAN’s network of nonprofits and funders.

7. Save Money.

Benefit from discounts on products and services that are available only to members of AAN.

8. Save Time.

Get fast and reliable answers to your management and governance questions.

9. Foster Collaboration.

Create strategic partnerships through AAN’s affinity groups to serve your clients more effectively.

10. Strive for Excellence.

Honor standards of ethical practice, accountability and transparency that advance the sector with free access to our Standards for Excellence® resources.

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