A Community Online

Posted By: Danielle Dunbar

In September I wrote a member email that talked a lot about community and about how we need each other because our stakeholders need us. Over the past three years, I’ve seen many of you help each other grow and overcome obstacles through our events and conversations.

I went on to say how we’ve hired Deidre Clark as our Director of Membership and Community Engagement (she’s great!) and how we’ve redesigned our website, including our Jobs Board. Both of these investments ensure more connections which are fundamental to strengthening our community.

And then I mentioned the AAN Jobs Board and a simpler dues structure which I will repost here:

“If you’ve been using our Jobs Board, thank you for your patience. We have found an incredible team to create a better experience for all of us. You will find a seamless login to access the Jobs Board, now our Career Center, as well as your member resources. You will be able to reset your password, at any time of the day or night, and you will not need to wait on AAN staff to assist you. The Career Center also has enhanced SEO optimization so more candidates will see your position.

To offset costs for our upgraded website and Career Center, we have adjusted our pricing for posts to the new job board. First, we have streamlined our membership dues, eliminating premium memberships. You may now purchase a subscription to The Nonprofit Times and/or GrantStation separately as an “add-on” at a very reduced rate. (Access these in our online store.)

All members will now receive 66% off job postings and 1 free post as we make the transition. Additional posts will cost $45, $89, or $119 depending on the level of service you select. The transition period will begin when the new website is launched and conclude on June 30, 2024. On July 1, 2024, AAN will no longer offer free posts. For reference, the nonmember price for posting a position will be $149, $249, or $349 (previously $99).”

In a December email, I mentioned the following:

“If you haven’t already, please log in. It will take about 4-7 minutes to accurately update your information the first time and then it will be a simple login every time after.

Please go to: https://www.alabamanonprofits.org/create-account and use your work email address in the first line (do not use autofill or your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or other email account.) If you use an incorrect email address, our notifications including training reminders, the eNews, etc. will no longer come to your work inbox. If it seems like your email address is already in our system—please don’t ignore it. We’ve worked hard so you don’t have to.”

With that said, please help us correct our errors. Get in touch with Deidre for help or with questions about the new website, deidre@alabamanonprofits.org.

And thank you again for being part of our community. We are stronger together.